Terminal blocks
Terminal blocks for PCB-wire guard and CONNECTOR
Terminal blocks for PCB-rising clamp
Terminal blocks for PCB-screwless
Barrier terminal blocks
Terminal blocks for transformer
Europa strips
DIN rail-mounted terminal blocks
Axil series
PCB assembly
Wiring harness
Connector and jack
NI-MH battery and battery pack
Power supply
Gate opener
Alnico Magnets Introduction

Alnico Magnets can be divided into cast Alnico and sintered Alnico according to different manufacturing processes.
Alnico has advantage of lowest temp.coefiicient of Br, withstanding high temperature and Humidity and resistance high corrosion.

Cast Alnico£º
Cast Alnico is widely applied in Auto parts, Electrical apparatus and meters, audio equipment, teaching, aviation and so on.

Sintered Alnico£º
Sintered Alnico contains same composition as Cast Alnico. It is processed by powder metallurgy and suitable for smaller sizes with complex shapes and tighter dimension tolerance. It is widely applied into electrical apparatus and meters, communication, magnetic switch and sensor.

Cast Alnico mangets
Sintered Alnico Magnets
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